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Homework Help: Did I work this problem correctly?

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    The mass of a container filled with liquid mercury is 244.0 g, and the mass of the empty container is 110.2 g

    a. What is the volume of the container? (density of mercury = 13.546 g/ml)

    b. The same container is filled with a second liquid, and the mass of the filled container is 114.9 g. What is the density of the second liquid?

    My answers:


    244.0 g - 110.2 g = 133.8 g
    133.8 g/(13.546 g/mL) = 9.877 mL


    114.9 g - 110.2 g = 4.7 g
    4.7 g/9.877 mL = 4.8x10 g/mL

    Does that look right? if not where did I go wrong?

    I appreciate the help....
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    Welcome to PF!

    Hi bedizzy! Welcome to PF! :smile:
    Looks fine to me! :biggrin:
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    thanks tim..... just wanted to check that one....

    you'll probably be seeing more of me in the coming semesters :biggrin:
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