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Did it Go Down

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    did the site go down for a short period of time? at about 16:45 GMT today for about 2 minutes, it just couldnt load?

    it could have been my conection but i could visit other sites though? :surprised :surprised
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    Hiccup! It happens now and then.
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    The server might have been rebooted (for various reasons) by the hosting staff. A router might have gone down somewhere between you and the server. A router might have become overloaded somewhere due to scheduled maintenance on another, etc.

    There are many reasons why a website might be unavailable for a minute or two here and there, and most of those reasons are very benign. The internet is very fault-tolerant -- don't worry about it.

    If you have any periods of extended problems (hours or days long) with the site, however, let us know.

    - Warren
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