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News Did McCain indicate he was leaving the Republican party?

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    I was channel surfing and came upon Special Report with Brit Hume, and it was the segment where he talks to 3 other guys about random stuff. I turned it on partially into it, and missed whatever quote/action etc. had spurred the discussion on, but the people were talking like McCain had indicated he was going to leave the Republican party or already had. Stuff like "I think he's trying to leave his options open and secure the position as Secretary of Defense with John Kerry," and, "No one has ever left their party saying that they had left the party, but always that the party had left them" and it was then indicated that was what McCain did.

    So were these guys just talking about some sort of unsupported rumor, did I misunderstand what they were talking about completely, or did McCain indicate he's leaving the Republicans?
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    1. http://www.boston.com/news/politics...erry_mccain_ticket_touted_as_way_to_unite_us/

    McCain, of Arizona, ''categorically" ruled out standing with Kerry, but Biden, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said he had no second choice.

    ''I'm sticking with McCain," Biden said.

    ''I think John McCain would be a great candidate for vice president," Biden, from Delaware, said on NBC's ''Meet the Press," where the two senators appeared together to take questions on Iraq and other subjects.

    2. ''I will always take anyone's phone calls," McCain said of any call he might get from Kerry, a fellow decorated Vietnam War veteran. ''But I will not, I categorically will not do it."
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    Yeah, I know he's been saying he won't take part in Kerry's administration, but that doesn't mean he didn't say something about disliking the republican party...
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