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Did Nike screw me?

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    I purchased a pair of Nike AirMax 360 [size 13] shoes from a Nike retail outlet in Vadodara, GJ, India. I bought it during a sale for Rs. 10,000 (250$). I got it at 40% discount i.e. at Rs. 6000 (150$). These shoes have air-padded soles i.e. the soles are filled with pressured air [or whatever]. I used it for about a month, and then one of those soles punctured.

    I took it back to the store I purchased it from and asked for a replacement. The store guy asked me to come after 3 days. When I went back, he said that he would offer me a replacement, however I would get a replacement of Rs. 6000/- and not Rs. 10,000 which is what the shoe originally costed. As far as I am concerned, I should be provided with the exact shoe that I bought from them. However, they said that the Air Max 360 production has been ceased, which I do doubt and asked me to pick up any other item worth Rs. 6000/- or pay the balance in case of a higher valued item.

    The thing here is that, even though I did take adavantage of the sale, as of today, I have not recieved any benefit at all. And this is not the matter of exchange.. it's a matter of guarantee. I was given a defective item and it became non-functional within 1 month of purchase.

    Do you think my stance is right?
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    I think it is fair. You payed Rs. 6000 for the shoe, you should only get back Rs. 6000. Anything more is like the store giving money to you and there would be people who would take advantage of sales like this. It's just good store policy.
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    I think your stance is wrong. If you only paid Rs. 6,000, that's what you should get back. Stop being greedy.
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    I would only expect you to get in exchange, the value of what you spent. If the sale is over, or they no longer carry the same model, how could you expect them to give you more then what you spent?
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    There's your problem? Why anyone pays that amount for a pair of trainers that will last as long as a $30 pair of trainers is beyond me, but then fashion in general is wasted on me. I am my own fashion. :smile:

    That said no I think your stance is invalid.

    But then we have a little thing called statutory rights which aren't affected by the concerns of the supplier or you over here. If you don't get what you pay for, you get what you pay/for refunded/replaced, provided you don't turn up 4 months later in a moth eaten pair of trainers. I think a month is perfectly reasonable. In fact I think up to a month I think you can get it replaced/refunded no questions asked, but only at cost on the receipt. That makes sense.

    On anything electrical costing over I think it's £100 pounds you get a years guarantee as standard too normally. Which is nice.
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    I'm amazed at the fact that there are shoes over a hundred dollars that have soles made out of air. That in itself is a ripoff.
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    It's the containing of the air, and the fact you can pump your souls up so that you feel like you're walking on air, that costs. That and the go faster nike stripes, the inflated sense of self worth paying too much for things brings and, the boast about it to your mates factor, that I find particularly odd. :smile: Still whatever floats your boat I say.
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    Yes, Nike's are a brand, not a shoe. When you buy them, you are buying a brand, not a shoe. The actual value of the shoe, made in an Indonesian sweatshop (probably), is just a few dollars.

    If you pick up a sports magazine for athletes (a magazine for athletes, not people who want to imitate athletes or just read about them), you'll find that athletes who don't get paid to wear shoes don't wear Nikes.
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    omg.. i seem to be getting some serious bashing here.. :D
    however.. when i bought those shoes.. i just found those shoes to be comfortable and that's why i bought them. I later learnt about the pressurized air when i read it's article on wikipedia and then when it punctured.

    Anyways.. i bought a replacement for 7k.. had to pay in 1k extra by myself. so.. i guess all's good :D
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    Also if they WERE on sale for 40% off, they most likely ARE discontinued. Theres no other reason for them to mark them down that much unless they're trying to push them to make way for a/more new models.
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    Yep, I think you got your answer. If you spent Rs 6000 on them, you get refunded Rs 6000. I think when it's a situation where you can't just exchange for the identical item (such as in your case), you should have the option to just get the money refunded rather than be forced to exchange for an item of the same price, but you won't get anything more than the Rs 6000.

    I tend to agree with the others here on the brand name issue, but that's your choice of course. I personally would never spend more than $50 on a pair of sneakers, and really try to find them close to $30. My $30 sneakers have lasted several years under some very abusive conditions. Generally, my rotation of sneakers is when they are new, I wear them for regular walking/exercising shoes. Then they get converted to yard work shoes (mowing the lawn, gardening, conditions where they are going to get muddy/dirty). And, finally, they get brought to work as my sheep shoes (they never come home again after that...nothing like urine, feces, and disinfectant footbaths to trash a shoe). When the shoes at work become too destroyed to wear, I buy a new pair and rotate all the others through the progression. So, yeah, when $150 shoes don't last a year of normal use, and $30 shoes survive several years of horrid abuse (well, they only last about a year once they get to the farm), why would I want a more expensive shoe?
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    Buy a nice pair of pumas or adidas for $60 USD.
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