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Did nyone see Kimmel do this?

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    Chi Meson

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    I don't know the context, and if he was supposed to be sort of roasting the network and advertisers there...that's what it sounded like, a roast. I like Kimmel's show, but don't usually stay awake late enough to watch it anymore. Then again, I'm not sure I've been as impressed with him since he moved from NY to CA and turned orange (the first thing he must have done upon arriving in CA was to pour on the fake tan stuff...he literally looked orange for a few weeks after that move, unless it was just the color on my TV).
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    Lol... apparently he has no problem pissing "important" people off.
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    I like that one Ape.
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    That took some balls!
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    Matt Damon looked so angry. He must have had something really important to say. As long as Kimmel promotes whatever project Damon was working on what difference does it make? Dude's a good actor and I like his movies, but he needs to calm down.

    Kimmel's goal is to entertain his audience. He doesn't care about pleasing his guests or his employers. He does cross the line of what is necessary, but that is entertainment in itself. As long as he is popular and not getting the studio into legal conflicts he is making them money. Hopefully ABC will recognize that and not get all bent out of shape over percieved insults.
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    I just looked up the Matt Damon thing. It was apparently staged. Damon did a good job of looking pissed off.
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    Ok, that does seem more likely. There is a video online that Jimmy made that features a celebrity 'We Are The World' type cast. In it Jimmy's girlfriend Sarah Silverman is cheating on him with Matt Damon. Jimmy makes a video in response where he is cheating on her with Ben Afflek. Brad Pitt delivers a cake and then everyone starts singing. Robin Williams, Harrison Ford, Don Cheadle, Cameron Diaz, and a ton of other actors and musicians are involved. The title of the video is 'I'm F****** Ben Afflek'. So yeah, I can totally believe that the Matt Damon appearance was staged.

    I'm starting to like this Kimmel guy.
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    Yes, it was a staged joke. Actually, if you pay attention closely, you'll notice that they even repeated some of the clips of Kimmel "running out of time" to talk to Damon, just to make it seem like it happened more than it had.
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