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News Did Rove turn on Libby in order to save his own skin?

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    Ivan Seeking

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    There are some hints of this with insiders claiming that two camps have formed within the WH: One supporting Libby and the other supporting Rove. This comes from the CNN WH reporter today. The title of this thread is something that struck me as possible when there were reported flurries of activity between Fitzgerald and Rove's attorneys just before Libby's indictment.
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    Rove would turn on anyone to save his own skin. I think Libby was handed the short straw in a well planned move to distract from anyone higher up the chain. Guys on crutches look so inocent.

    This whole thing started in 03 and the administration keep it from coming to a head until well after the 04 election. gotta credit them for that. Now will they keep it going until after the 06 elections? I heard on the news tonight that libby will probably not be charged with anything until next fall because there are so many documents to look through.

    How many documents could the there be that haven't already been seen? Unless of course, Rove was generating documents at a feverish pace for the last two years.
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    Of course it's a possibility. Rove's played this game for 35 years and studied under the legends (Donald Segretti and Lee Atwater). Loyalty and teamwork aren't key ingredients to Rove's success - one of the rare setbacks he ever suffered was when Bush 41 dismissed him for trashing a key Republican contributor (Robert Mosbacher). Rove would turn on Bush, himself, if it came down to Rove's career or Bush's career (of course, it would have to be very tactfully done, since turning on the politician that hired you pretty much is the end of your career).
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    True, but when you've been pulling in 150 large for as long as he has PLUS knowing what he knows and the stories he could tell he probably doesn't really need a career. I also sort of believe with edward in thinking that the Scoot-meister is a sacrificial lamb. I personally believe that absolutely nothing will happen to anyone in this administration until the 4 ugly dudes ride horses.
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    Question: would Libby have acted on his own authority in disclosing the name? If not, and the administration are letting him take the rap, you have your answer.
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    I'd say it's more likely a deal was done whereby Libby takes the heat in return for a presidential pardon if required and the promise of a nice new job after a brief period of rehabilitation.
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