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Did Selberg proved RH ?

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    Did Selberg proved RH ??

    the idea is that if the Selberg zeta function related to the length of Geodesics becomes

    [tex] Z(s+1)= \zeta (s) Z(s) [/tex]

    and the Z(s) has all the roots with real part 1/2 would imply that RH is true ?? , sorry i am not an expert but found it curious since Riemann-Weyll trace is almost equal to Selberg trace and it is supposed that using his Selberg Trace we can prove that all the zeros lie on the line Re(s=1/2) , by the way the fucntion multiplying Z(s) is the usual Riemann Zeta function. providing the surface of the laplacian has geodesic with lenght log(p_n) for every prime
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