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Did this (weird) guy want to harm me?

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    When I was 25 years old, I lived in a homeless shelter in a small town (population approximately 30,000). After I had been at the shelter about two weeks, I was eating dinner one day at the homeless shelter when this other homeless guy I had never seen before sat right across the table from me. I don't think I ever learned the name of this other homeless guy who sat right across the table from me, but I will henceforth call this other homeless guy: "weird homeless guy." There were lots of empty chairs and lots of other empty tables, but like I said, this other homeless guy sat right across the table from me. Keep in mind I had never even seen "weird homeless guy" before in my life. After sitting across the table from me, "weird homeless guy" told me that he spent the night before sleeping outside. It was November, and this homeless shelter was up North, so it was fairly cold at night. Weird homeless guy told me that he sleeps outside sometimes. Weird homeless guy said that last night was the worst night of his life because it was so cold, and he had no blanket. Then weird homeless guy said that he was going to sleep outside that night. Then weird homeless guy said, "It would be good to have some company out there." Weird homeless guy was implying that he would like it if I camped outside with him. This was 30 seconds after i first saw weird homeless guy in my life. Is this not weird and creepy? A total stranger is asking me to camp out with him. If i could redo it, i would have just got up and walked over to another empty table without saying a word as soon as he hinted that he would like me to camp out with him.

    One more thing, remember how "weird homeless guy" said that the night before was the worst night of his life because it was so cold outside. If weird homeless guy had the worst night of his life outside because it was so cold, why did he want to spend the next night outside? I was so weirded out that i did not want to talk to him so i didn't ask him that. But i think that the answer is that he wanted to spend the next night outside in an attempt to spend the night outside, in an isolated location, so he could harm me! At this shelter i was staying at, a homeless person could spend the night at the shelter for free forever.

    After that , whenever this homeless guy saw me walking anywhere, he would walk with me and tell me all these details about his life. Whenever I was going anywhere, he would ask me where i was going and say he would walk with me. One day I was reading in the library and he demanded that i walk somewhere with him. I said "no", and he just kept pleading and demanding that i walk with him somewhere. I just kept saying "no" to him for about five minutes and he kept going. Finally i just ignored him. When he demanded i walk with him, i would not say anything to him. I just kept reading my book. Finally after about 10 minutes he walked off.

    I often think he was trying to lead me to an isolated area to kill me. A lot of predators try to abuse me because i am very short. I am a man, but i am only 5'1" so people think i am vulnerable.

    Do you think that weird homeless guy wanted to harm me? If so, how do you think weird homeless guy wanted to harm me?
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    If I had to guess, I would say no.
    However, you were wise not to follow him.
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    It's difficult to say what someone else intends to do.

    The unfortunate truth about homeless people is that they often suffer from mental health issues or have other social problems such as addictions to deal with. Sometimes when a person doesn't want to be in a homeless shelter it's because they shelter has rules prohibiting drugs or alcohol. Sometimes it's the direct result of a mental health issue. Sometimes it's because there may be someone else lurking around who they owe money to, which makes them afraid to stay in the shelter or be alone.

    I agree with .Scott though. If you don't have any basis to trust a person who wants to get you alone, you're right to avoid such situations - particularly if they make you feel uncomfortable.
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    Pick up line?
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    There is no way that we can know what he intended, so thread closed.
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