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Did we really go on the moon?

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    Once my friend told me that we never went on the moon, that it was all a hoagie. Is he lying or just stupid?
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    Perhaps you friend was pulling your leg. It is true that "we" never went to the moon, at least none of we who are on this forum, and presumably when he told you that it was true for everyone in earshot, "we", of his statement.
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    Although either is possible, it is more likely that he is simply misinformed. A while back, Fox TV aired a show about people claiming the moon landing was a hoax. For someone new to the idea (especially people born long after the event), it could have seemed serious. However, if you review the actual evidence, the hoax claims amount to nothing more than a silly conspiracy theory. Please do read the link that chroot provided. It thoroughly debunks many of the hoax claims.
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    lol... you're funny.
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    Many people really believe that man never made it to the moon, and it was all a set up. Some of the photographs are not quite right, for example. But,how could so many hundreds of people been involved in a sheme ike that and none of it leaked out to the press? i think it is an impossible secret to cover. But, respect his opinion, it is a wide belief.
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    I saw that special and thought that many parts were funny---
    of fox
    when will you stop trying to make new shows
    just show the simpsons
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    Especially considering the communications signals which were coming from the moon. We even used doppler shift of the radio transmission to measure Armstrong's descent velocity...

    To even consider that the Soviet Union would have done triangulation on the signal's source and not raised an international stink about it if it was a hoax is assinine in the extreme.
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    Perhaps it was a joint capitalist-communist conspiracy in which first honours were given to CCCP and Gagarin??

    (A person would be really clever if he could uncover such a conspiracy..:wink:)
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