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Did you believe that Rose Red exist?

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    The story behind the movie Rose Red. The first part of the six-hour mini series shows how Stephen King came to attention of creating the movie. It told us that Stephen King was inspired by Rose Red mansion's past after Dr. Joyce Reardon from Beaumontuniversity found the diary of Ellen Rimbauer. We all know that the ghost story isn't true but what story actually told us was that "Stephen King inspired the Rose Red mansion and lead to the making of the movie" leaving numerous viewers in believe that Rose Red mansion actually exist in Seattle.

    This is from Beaumont University website. misleading people as if the diary really exist. It does, but many people don't know that the whole diary was a hoax. Many copies of the book "The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer, My life at Rose Red" were sold, with majority of buyers believing that Ellen Rimbauer was the one who wrote it.

    Beaumont University doesn't even exist. Who put the website there and why? The website looks legitimate and there are many people out there who cannot distingush credible information from a website.

    Is this all the work and art of the one person named "Stephen King"? Did he actually think that by telling people "this movie is based on some true facts", although not a single thing was true, would entertain people? (no offense Stephy )

    Many people were lost and wondering, some very curious to find the mansion and some even went to Seattle to find the mansion.
    This website also tried to explain and as you'll see that there are many wondering emails asking the truth about Rose Red and the family of Ellen Rimbauer.

    http://www.historylink.org/_output.CFM?file_ID=4001 [Broken]
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