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Did you get the Gettier Joke?

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    There is a pun which has been doing the rounds in philosophy circles for the last 44 years. Perhaps the funniest aspect of this particular pun is that most philosophers don’t seem to get the joke. This pun is commonly known as The Gettier Problem, inaugurated in 1963 by the publication, by Edmund L. Gettier, of two classic cases of alleged “problems” which seem to cast doubt on either the soundness or the completeness of the traditional Justified True Belief (JTB) analysis of knowledge.

    Through a detailed, logical and rational analysis of the ambiguities inherent in these Gettier-type cases we can show how the pun is constructed, and by disambiguating the Gettier argument we may conclude that the JTB analysis is in fact quite complete and quite sound - see here : http://www.moving-finger.com/papers/gettierjoke.pdf [Broken]

    Disambiguation of these cases clearly reveals Gettier’s joke – but will philosophers see the funny side?

    Moving Finger
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