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Did You Know

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    Andy Resnick

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    "Did You Know..."

    Our department has bulletin boards for each faculty member; I'm looking for ideas on what to put on mine. The idea is for each member to advertise themselves to the (undergraduate) student body- not just majors, but any student that wanders by.

    My wife came up with a 'Did You Know...' section, where I could post (weekly/monthly) interesting factoids that can be read quickly (as they walk by) and are comprehensible at the high school level. I think this is a great idea, and my archetypical post will be a lot like Sylas's "entropy of evolution" post- broad relevance, easy to grasp, can be summarized in a sentence or two, and I can also attach the relevant journal article.

    I'll also have a "Pic o' the week" (since I do a lot of imaging), copies of my recent papers, and needed items related to the course I'm teaching.

    So, my questions to the group are (1) any other ideas on good bulletin board material, and (2) any good sources of physics factoids I can scan through?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: "Did You Know..."

    Try to post anything a little simpler that this(from your website):


    In all seriousness, there are a LOT to post such as:
    1. puzzles
    2.comics(about your field)
    3. Applications of your research.
    4. Pictures Grad students(if any) and/or the department
    6. A picture of Morgan Freeman.(Try to convince all the profs in your department to post a different picture of him, it would be funny)
    7. http://www.sciensational.com/physics.html
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    Re: "Did You Know..."

    Greg's PF leaflet?
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