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Didn't get an equation

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    In the class, the teacher tried to find some measure that I didn't get. He subtracted two times, and divided by one of them.

    [itex]\frac{| T2 - T1 | }{T1}[/itex]

    He found the duration and decided to divide by one of T. What was the purpose to divide by T?

    T2 is the end time
    T1 is the start time
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    The expression gives you the number of time intervals of length T1 in the interval from T1 to T2 (or from T2 to T1, if T2 < T1).

    For example, let T1 = 10, and T2 = 60, and assume both are in seconds.
    Then |T2 - T1|/T1 = (60 - 10)/10 = 50/10 = 5

    There are 5 intervals of length 10 sec. between 10 sec. and 60 sec.
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