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Didnt meet grades (sort of)

  1. Aug 11, 2010 #1
    Earlier this year i applied for university (I'm Scottish by the way and applied for a Scottish university). Really the only course i want to study is physics, and strathclyde university is the easiest option for me.

    I applied for MPhys in Physics and got told i needed a BB in maths and physics at advanced higher level.

    I didn't meet this as I didn't really work hard enough this year.

    The university also offer a BSc in Physics with entry requirements being BBBB at higher level, last year i got 5 B's so more than enough to get into this course.

    I contacted the university and they said there aren't any places to offer in the physics department at this time and that the chances are small for one becoming available.

    I'm thinking of just taking a year out and reapplying next year but I would much rather be at university studying physics rather than wasting a year.

    Has anyone got advice they can offer?
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    im doing physics at the university of toronto and I want to give you my sincere advice not to take physics but go for engineering as they have much better career opportunities. the only position usually available for physics graduates are research, to become a professor and a high school teacher. there are other engineering jobs available to physicists but you will have to compete with engineers.

    If there is one position you might be interested in is geology. you can go into the petroleum sector and that has very high paying jobs.
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    Don't waste a year away! Look at more universities for better options. I wasted away when i graduated from high school. Three years I waited to attend college.(i was 21 yrs old when i started community college.). My advice to you is find more universities to expand your options.
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    I was considering alot going into the research field after university.

    Also engineering degrees have higher entry requirements.

    And Strathclyde really is the only available university because of financial situation etc.

    It seems to be my only choice is to work for a year and then re-apply =(.
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    Maybe apply into a general science program and then transfer into physics.
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