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Didn't sleep so well.

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    A good nights sleep is something I always look forward to. It really is the best part of the day. Alas, tonight I have not slept so well. And, I will have to plough through the day. Any good remedies for a bad nights sleep?
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    Since it's just one night, don't take naps today and go to bed as usual, or maybe even a bit early.

    I hope you sleep better tonight.
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    I'm short on sleep 3-4 days a week, and struggle a bit getting through a full day of school after working an early morning, but I just keep eating and moving and it helps me fight off the yawns. Have a good meal (rice+vegetables, salad sandwich, something proper) and go for a walk, or do some pushups, or whatever you can fit in.

    Coffee doesn't really help, much as I love it.
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    Yeah, sucks overall. Hate it when I get new material and don;t have the focus/concentration to look over them.
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    Yes. A good night's sleep.
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    I didn't sleep well last night either, no power due to tropical storm Irene, I hear myself when I sleep and well you guessed it, can't seem to shut it off. Glad power is back, will hit it early this evening.

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    Like the earthquake and hurricane I believe this too is a sign from above. I believe he is trying to tell us.... It's PARTY TIME!

    Something was probably keeping you from sleeping be it noise or just stress I'd say figure out what it was and try to mend it. Earplugs have worked for me in the past when I had crickets though sleeping with them in isn't always the best. Going for a walk a good 4-5 hours before I need to go to sleep helps I'v found.
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    I love falling asleep to the chirping of crickets. I don't see why you'd ever want to drown it out.
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