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Die or not?

  1. Aug 8, 2007 #1
    if i shoot a bullet to the sky and then the bullet falls to the ground at the same point that im standing....will i die? the bullet's start velocity should be same as final velocity...from the equation E=1/2mv^2 shows that the energy when i start shooting = energy when the bullet falls to the ground

    so...i should die? :confused::rofl:
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    On the moon, true. On earth air resistance may save you.
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    It depends on the bullet.
    Air resistance will slow the bullet to a certain terminal velocity which depends on the mass and aerodynamic shape of the bullet.
    Heavy high velocity assualt rifle rounds such as from an AK47 regularly kill people when they are fired into the air in celebrations.

    Your equation should really be more like intial KE = final KE + heating of air
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