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Homework Help: Dielectric/Conductor Interface

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    How do I compute the electric Field, polarization and flux density at the interface of a dielectric material and a conducting Material?
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    Claude Bile

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    Use Maxwell's equations with the appropriate boundary conditions. Without any additional information, that is about the best answer I can give.

    Is this question in the context of Capacitors, or does it have a connection with Surface Plasmon Resonance?

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    Thanks Claude
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    In regards to the conditions of Megans question the question just states that there is a bound surface charge density sigma b, and a free surface charge density sigma f.

    So how do I use that in Maxwells equations?
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    Claude Bile

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    You can find the tangential and perpendicular components of the electric field at the boundary using the boundary conditions.

    Think about how the D vectors on both sides of the interface are related at the interface.

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