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Medical Dielectric constant of neurons

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    Hello! First time poster. I hope this is not a wrong sub-forum for this kind of question.

    Can anyone tell me where can I find values for dielectric constants of neurons and nerve fibers for frequencies in the range of 1e12 - 1e14 Hz (optical and RF part of the spectrum)?

    I have found data only up to 1e11 Hz (Gabriel 1996 - The dielectric properties of biological tissues: III), and most of the other works cover frequencies up to GHz.
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    I don't think biological tissues really have a "constant". They probably have a skin-depth function and a dispersion relation. After a little internet research:

    Here's a journal article that outlines a general equation


    here's a PDF referencing the above journal and breaking down the equation a little bit and giving some simple applications (cantorian fractals may be a way to model dendritic processes).

    http://permittivity.org/tutorial%20pdf/bds-tut-09-raicu.pdf [Broken]

    I'm not sure this is really a simple question. If there's no experimental data, someone has to do the theoretical work based on what's been observed.

    Here's a note on the state of terahertz exposure for biological tissues in general:

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    You are right, it would rather be a function, my mistake.

    Thank you for the links, they look very promissing! It would seem that I have yet to learn about proper net searching. :-)
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