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Dielectric constants

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    I would dearly like to know what material has the highest relative dielectric constant and how much is it?
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    Some doped ferroelectrics have κ values in excess of 1,000.
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    In particular, the dielectrical constant k of barium titanate ranges from 1200 to 1600
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    Hi ddr,
    Before the exotic materials mentioned by others were developed, I found, among plastic sheeting that "TEDLAR" a poly-vynilidine was optimum for both its high dielectrc constant and high dielectric strength. Cheers, Jim
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    Re: Re: dielectric constants...

    I also can testify to this, Poly-vynalcloride, or Saran Wrap has a very high dielectric constant. We made a capacitor from tin foil and saran warp that amazed us. Part of the lab was to find the break down voltage, we could not. The lab was written with wax paper as the probable dielectric material.
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    What is the speed of light through platina?
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