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B Dielectric vs piezoelectric

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    What is the difference between dielectric material and piezoelectric material ?
    Even Wikipedia use exactly the same figure for illustration.

    I googled,

    Both of them is
    - material between plates
    - polarization, dipole of molecule

    As far as I understood from google, When material is pressed between plate
    - dielectric material do not create voltage if there is no external voltage.
    - piezoelectric material create voltage without external voltage.

    Am I correct ?
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    A piezoelectric material is dielectric usually. Not all dielectric materials are piezoelectric.
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    A piezoelectric material generates a voltage when pressure is applied, and the material is strained (deformed). The reverse can also happen: if a voltage is applied across a piezoelectric material, it deforms. quartz is a very important example of a piezoelectric material.
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    However a piezoelectric does not stop being a dielectric as well. The two proprties are not mutually exclusive.
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    I agree. In fact the piezoelectric property is the dependence of the dielectric polarization on stress.
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