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Diff Eq help needed

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    Hello guys, I want to learn diff eq but I seem to not be seeing many of the intermediate steps. Is there a guide or tutorial that gives one a good intro to diff eq with all the intermediate steps?

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    I'll bump this since it is probably why I need too.
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    I "googled" on ' "differential equations" tutorial' and got a number of hits. I'm not going to check out everyone myself but you can try it.
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    Oh well yeah, sure, that's always the first step in a search for something. Usually a website labeled "Paul's Online Notes" (lamar.edu), which has been linked here before, is the only website I visit for math related inquiries, but the Diff. Eqn. section doesn't register with me very well. Again, I think there are some basic simple steps I'm missing. This isn't even my thread but I suppose what the OP and I are looking for is a very detailed tutorial page.
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    One of your best bets is probably to get on ebay or amazon and get an introductory book or something. You can pick up some second hand ones for real cheap and you'll get everything you want in one place.

    The internet can be a hard place to search in terms of maths and usually only really applies to high school in terms of help.
    Sorry I don't know any sites!
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