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Homework Help: Difference between Classical Momentum and Relativistic Momentum

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    Classical Physics states that:


    So, for special relativity, would momentum be defined in the same manner except m is now equal to the relativistic mass instead of the standard 'rest mass' as used in the classical equation?
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    Exactly,that's how momentum is defined for relatvistic systems...

    What level of eduation do u have??

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    I am a junior in college. I just switched to a new university and my physics 3 professor is Russian and speaks 5% english... so I am feeling very uneasy about what we have learned so far. The Lorentz Transformations have thrown me through a loop. But as I find that more and more of my answers are correct that my confidence in this material is growing.

    My main reason for asking this question was to ensure there wasnt any of the Transformations that had to apply to the velocity or anything of that nature. I was pretty sure it was just the mass change.... but as I said... very iffy on the whole relativity thing at the moment. :biggrin:
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