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Difference between Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering?

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    What is the difference between Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering?
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    well there isn't much most revoles around the less physical science and more computer science in coumputer engineering whereas in electrcal its all physical propeties of circuts and more design less comp sci/programming
    Just what I think
    My $0.02
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    i believe that computer engineering has more to do with circuits and the electrical fundamentals thereof, and electrical engineering has more to do with general electrician work.
    but i just make sure electronical componets work properly.
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    In my university, there isn't much difference. We differ only in around 12-16 out of 106 credits. We take more computer science courses, they take courses regarding antennas, and electricity in general :D
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    Really? Because that sounds like a definition of electrical engineering to me.

    :grumpy: I don't think so... :tongue2:
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    are you sure about that? i just know what they tell me.
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    LMAO General electrician work...
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    computer engineering should have at least part of electrical engineering in it
    especially digital electronics, electrical engineering is a wide spectrum subject covering many technologies in general it forms the basis for more
    specialised work for most professionals for example telecomnications,medical,defense,aerospace etc
    if you choose electrical engineering youll get some computer egineering from it too in general
    if you're thinking of choosing a career path the best place to get the best answear would be the institution because the cources change with technologies
    especially in computers
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    This, along with the idea that mechanical engineers repair cars, is the narrow-minded kind of attitude which utterly bastardises the name of the engineering profession.
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    as i said, i know what they want me to. it's a free education by the gov't. they feel only to tell me what i need to know. all i know is that i repair electronic units of F16's, and that's some kind of engineering. like i said, it's what they feel i need to know.
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    guys guys.. dont you know?

    chemical engineers = professional plumbers :bugeye:
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