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Difference between Degree of Engineer and Doctor of Philosophy

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    What is the difference between Degree of Engineer and Doctor of Philosophy ( Ph.D )? How many more years does a Master Degree holder need to take one of each?
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    To get a PhD its 8-10 yeas of school total. But where as you aleady have your Masters in (I'm assuming) engineering, you probably have another 4 years. I'm not 100% sure on that though.
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    It takes as long as it takes.

    PhD never has a set timeframe. Its usually a year of classes, qualifying exams, and then you work on your thesis until its finished. Some people can do it all in 3 years. Some people take as many as 6 years, or even more sometimes.
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    There are a lot of things involved with getting a doctorate in anything. How some people manage to complete everything and do it well is beyond me.
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