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Difference between densities and n-forms?

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    Hello, fellows! Can someone help me?

    Is there a difference between densities and n-forms in a manifold? Bar's "Wave equations on Lorentzian Manifolds" states that densities are linear funcions of n-forms onto the real numbers,

    [tex]| \Lambda M | : \Lambda^n T^*M \to \Re[/tex]

    If that is the case, then given a map [tex]f : M \to N[/tex] between manifolds, f induces a pullback between n-forms, but pushfoward between densities. Is that correct? I've heard somewhere that when no problem of orientation arises, n-forms and densities can be identified, but it seems not to be the case here... and somewhere else in the book, I think Bar uses a pullback in densities... please help...
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