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Homework Help: Difference between electronics and physics.

  1. Sep 6, 2005 #1

    What is difference between electronics and physics.


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    Err, that's a weird question

    A)I think you misworded that, electronics isn't a branch of science, so much as actual things, and though there are electronics courses they study those "things."(hey, I'll leave useful...word..thinking of...to English majors!)

    B)assuming you meant electricity vs. physics, that's just semantics. The term physics is a blanket term in that it covers a wide variety of subjects, mechanics, ELECTRICITY, optics, acoustics, etc.
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    Physics is a science, concerned with principles and theories,
    able to model real situations and processes to some degree.
    A technology such as Electronics overlaps physics to the extent
    that is a specific application of some of the models within it.
    Technologies are distinct from being *merely* applications,
    finding & using features that "work" even if poorly understood.
    Practical invention & development supply new tools to the science,
    and bring fresh topics and phenomena to investigate.
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    actually there is a degree in lebanon called electronics
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    Physicists get to play with better toys.
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