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Difference between propeller and fan

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    Good evening to all...I am troubling with a doubt that how a propeller differs from a fan regarding jet engines..
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    In some respects, there isn't much difference, in other respects there are big differences.

    If you want a better answer, you'll have to ask a more specific question.
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    Thank you
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    How a turbofan jet engine differs from turbo prop jet engine?
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    I'm just making an observation here which may or may not be the answer. A fan is stationary and displacing or moving a medium within its environment. A propeller isn't stationary. Its used to create movement by using a medium to displace itself. Putting the funky designs aside, both work by using rotational force on a wing design to create pressure differentials. Again I could be wrong but I think when the medium is the source of the applied force fans and propellers become turbines and impellers. An electric wind generator is a wind turbine, not a wind propeller.
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    jack action

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    These quotes from Wikipedia probably answer best your questions about propeller, turbofan and turbojet:
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    Thank yoh
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    I'm wondering why household fans use fans instead of something like a propeller from a large radio control model. Perhaps there's an efficiency trade off depending on the goal (fan moves air, rotor generates thrust), and/or the desired output flow speed. One observation is that the propeller needs to rotate fast enough that air doesn't flow backwards between the propeller blades, while a fan blocks off most of any potential back flow between fan blades, allowing the fan to operate at a lower speed.
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