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Difference betweend Fizeau and Wedge Interferometry

  1. Feb 25, 2015 #1
    Hey everybody,

    I have a question concerning the difference (if any) of the Fizeau and Wedge Interferometry.

    I am currently writing my thesis on a project which uses a glass wedge with air in between. This concept is fairly well discussed and background of this can be found in several textbooks and webpages.

    However, I am trying to find some interesting papers, which use this type of method in a similar set-up. I have spoken with my professor and he mentioned the concept of Fizeau Interferometry. Yet isn't Fizeau Interferometry used to determin the flatness of optical plates, or is this term just used, because the fringes you get by an air wedge are similar to those obtained by Fizeau?

    I really don't see connection between the two of them.

    Maybe someone could enlighten me?

    Many thanks,
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