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Homework Help: Difference equation

  1. Sep 3, 2006 #1
    plz help me to implement this difference equation in MATLAB????


    matlab is not supportin -ve index....
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    Matlab doesn't like negative indexes as you seem to have noticed. But there are at least three easy ways to get around this.
    Code (Text):

    n = [0:100]; N = length(n);
    x = cos(n/25);

    % option 1
    y1(1) = x(1) - cos(-1/25); %compute y(1) first
    for i = 2:N
        y1(i) = x(i)-x(i-1);

    % option 2
    x0 = cos(-1/25); %define x(-1) outside loop
    for i = 1:N
        y2(i) = x(i) - x0;
        x0 = x(i);

    % option 3
    n2 = [-1:99]; % use vectors instead of loop
    xn = cos(n/25);
    xn_minus_one = cos(n2/25);
    y3 = xn-xn_minus_one;
    If you want to use a loop, you can loop over i=2:N and define y(1) outside of the loop.

    Another option is to loop from i=1:N and define x(n-1) as x0 and update it at each step, that way you never try to acces x(-1).

    If you don't want to use a loop, you can just create vectors for x[n] and x[n-1] over a big range of n, and just compute y by subtracting those long vectors.
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