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Homework Help: Difference in oh-

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    is there any difference in oh- from a strong base than from a weak base apart from concentration?
    lets say we have this reaction
    ch3cooh + oh- => ch3coo- + h2o
    in this reaction my book says the reaction will go to completion
    but isnt acetic acid a weak acid. so shouldnt the disassociation should be partial
    therefore why does the reaction go to completion?
    also one more example
    ch3cooNa=> ch3coo- + Na+
    here again the disassociation is full
    as Na+ comes from a strong acid
    so why the dissociation extent of Na affect that of ch3coo-
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    All OH- are identcial, and indistinguishable.

    No such thing as ch3cooh - please write formulas correctly.

    Neutralized acetic acid slightly hydrolizes, so stating that the reaction goes to completion is an aproximation - but a good one.

    Na+ doesn't come from an acid. I have no idea what you are asking about.

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