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Differences between Physics and Astrophysics and between MSci and MA

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    I am a high school student in Scotland and I wish to pursue a career in Physics. The next step for me in this is selecting the correct University course. I have found three courses that interest me: Physics/Theoretical Physics (MSci); Physics with Astrophysics (MSci); Physics/Slavonic Studies (MA).

    My questions are:

    1) Would selecting Physics with Astrophysics give me a lesser understanding of Physics than Physics/Theoretical Physics would? It is my aim to understand as vast an area of the subject as I can, and I am unsure whether the former course would educate me more in Astronomy than it would in Physics.

    2) Is it possible to do Physics/Theoretical Physics to PhD level and retrospectively learn about Astrophysics to a high degree? (It seems - to my ignorant eyes - that people in CERN are both studying Particle Physics and the implications of their findings in the wider Universe)

    3) Would selecting the Master in Arts degree limit my prospects of a career and full education in Physics? Slavonic Studies interests me but could easily be demoted to a personal hobby if it would get in the way of a career. I also am unsure whether an MA counts as two seperate Masters or one joint; if it is the latter I assume that would make me less eligable for Postgraduate studies?

    Thanks for your time.
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