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Differences between

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    I'm PhD research scholar, can any body explain the difference between powder form, pellet form and thin film.
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    This is puzzling.

    First of all, please note PF requirements that the thread title be descriptive.

    Secondly, doesn't the NAME tells you already the difference? One is a "powder", the other is a "pallet", and the last one is a "thin film"! You never describe the criteria you are trying to study to seek the differences.

    Thirdly, those description are also vague. You neglected to explain the nature of those material, i.e. is this a single-crystal power? Is the thin film polycrystalline or single-crystal, etc... etc.

    These are the types of DETAILED description that a PhD research scholar should be aware of and be able to supply when seeking a discussion.

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    Dear ZapperZ,
    Basically, I'm an Electronics engineering student, but I joined as project fellow in Applied Physics department for the project " Design & fabrication of metal-oxide based transparent thin film transistor". So I'm not much aware of these concepts. Now I'm preparing SnO powder, but I don't have clarity why I'm preparing powder instead of thin film, just following supervisor instructions. Can you suggest any books to improve the concepts of this project.
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