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Homework Help: Different electrical stuff

  1. Mar 18, 2010 #1
    Can someone help me create this conceptual circuit?

    Where..when electric power is brought in, it is stored, and that stored energy at the same time can be outsourced to a target at a particular amp/current/voltage needed to power that target, as well as allowing that excess stored energy to be outsourced to other "targets"

    I don't know how clear I'm being. I'm guessing I need a battery of some sort that can be charged with electricity. I'm just wary as I don't know if I can use the power from that battery for more than one thing. And one thing that I do want to power, I want control the level of electric strength/flow.

    And for the excess energy left in the battery, I want to use to power a e.g. light bulb.
    How could I do all this?

    I don't know what I need, transistors, capicitators? splitters?
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    Basically we are talking about a system consisting of three parts:
    1.) A battery, storing energy
    2.) A charger, converting incoming electricity to fill the battery
    3.) Regulator for consumers.

    Choosing 1.) determines the output voltage of charger and input voltage of regulator.
    2.) Would generate the needed voltage for the battery. Actually advanced chargers are playing with the current as well, but they are mostly just voltage regulators.
    3.) There are circuits which can output a given voltage called voltage regulators, and there are circuits which output a given current, called current regulators (I guess, English is not my native language). Voltage regulators generally need higher input voltage than the output, but there are circuits which can output more voltage than input.

    Generally you could simply connect those three things together and enjoy. However if the charger drives current rather than simply voltage, the control circuitry should account for both the charger and regulator. In simple applications (like a boat) you just put a voltage regulator (power module of a computer is an advanced one, and can be obtained dirt cheap from used computers), a battery, and the comsumers, which might contain their own voltage and amperage mungler circuits (e.g. a 12V DC/ 220V AC converter, or the 5V voltage regulator which drives the main board of the GPS which have 12V nominal input.)

    I suggest diving into this:
    As far as I gathered this forum is for those who want to solve AND understand problems.
    To reach this stage you should be able to formulate your problem, for which you need understanding of the basics.
    So the first step is to learn the basics. If you have problems understanding anything along the way I am sure you can ask here and you will get the answer. But first thing first.

    If your problem is more urgent than your need for understanding I am sure that there are DIY electronics forums where people will draw a circuit for you.
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    Very grateful. Thank you.
  5. Mar 19, 2010 #4
    If you put some coil around a link of permanent magnets and then ran some power through it, what would happen?
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