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Homework Help: Different frequency units?

  1. Dec 3, 2005 #1
    for the frequency of revolution of electrons, the unit is expressed as rev/s
    but for the frequency of a photon, the unit is hz

    my question:
    can rev/s also equal hz?
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    Well frequency is really just s^-1

    Saying the "frequency of revolution" however qualifies the "rev/s" because you have frequency... "/s"... and revolutions "rev".
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    Yes it can. 1 rev/sec is equal to 2pi rad/sec. This is angular frequency. If you look in elementary texts on circular motion, there's a directly relationship between angular frequency and the "usual" frequency.

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    so if i see frequency, i can just use hertz, right?
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    You will also see cycles/sec a lot of times for units of frequency.
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    Hz is any COUNT per second ... your computer uses Mega "pulses per second", because its clock oscillates with a lot of "oscillations per second" , and the microwave oven produces even more "waves per second".
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    thank you very much!!!
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