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Different kinds of sexual attraction

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    The whole article >>>>http://www.plannedparenthood.org/pp2/portal/files/portal/medicalinfo/malesexualhealth/pub-young-men-sexuality.xml [Broken]

    how about people who are attracted to everyone ?
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    Come and read excerpts on "Jenny in the belly"

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    I must warn you that I am not a professional psychologist, psychiatrist, nurse, counselor, therapist, or social worker.

    There is no right or wrong attraction, because it is not a conscious choice for the most part. That being said, being sexually attracted to absolutely anyone may indicate that something in your psyche is not settled. It may be because you may be going through changes in your life and everything feels a little out of control. I would try to seek counseling. Also, exercising regularly and getting regular hobbies and getting into stable social groups might help.
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    their just greedy :rolleyes:
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