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Different magnetic field in conductor

  1. Nov 9, 2011 #1
    hi all expert...
    During my study on physic book is borned in my mind this question:
    I have two conductors with the same material, same lenght and same diameter...In one conductor is carrying 1000 Ampere in A.C. and in other conductor is carrying 1000 Ampere in D.C.
    If i check the magnetizing force H at the external surface in both conductors by Hall probe, where do you find the maxmimum value H? On conductor AC or on conductor DC?

    On basis the Biot-savart law should have the same value in both conductor, but cause of the eddy current I would expect the maximum value of H on external surface on the AC conductor...
    Is exact my above idea?

    Otherwise the force H is same for a about current value on both conductors but with increase the current value increase the eddy current effct and this means a increase the force H on AC conductor.....

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