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Different monitors for N & S hemispheres?

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    Excerpt from an article
    ".... the deflection yoke of the monitor in the green carton is meant for the Southern Hemisphere. Since the magnetic field of the southern hemisphere is different,these monitors will develop color patches in 3-6 months of usage..."

    Can someone shed more light why would this possibly happen?

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    There are indeed problems associated with the earths magnetic field and color monitors.

    OTOH I have never seen a distinction in the construction for different locals.
    Simply rotating the monitor 180 degrees would have much the same effect.
    Also if there is a problem with external magnetic fields then it shows up immediately.
    Months are not required.
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    Monitors are indeed calibrated differently for different hemispheres. LCD monitors are not affected. Some high-end CRT monitors have an OSD (on screen display) that allows you to select which hemisphere you're in.

    If you wish to see how your CRT would perform in the opposite hemisphere, just turn it upside down. Normally the colour balance, reds and blues will go out quite a bit, though you may be able to tweak various settings to correct the colours.

    It's OK to run most monitors upside down for short periods of testing, but don't leave them like that too long. The air holes are designed to allow cooling by convection when the monitor is the correct way up, and so the electronics may overheat with extended periods of upside down running.
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