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Different perceptions

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    Okay, I am new here - I posted some things a while back, but those have been long forgotten. Anyways, this is something that I have talked to with my friends to get their opinions on, so I'll shut up now and say what I need to say.

    People see things differently, there's no denying that; however, does one individual perceive the world in a completely different way than another? Like for instance, a common thing that people say is "Love is blind", this statement meaning that love isn't really based off of physical attraction because our mind can make one (hideous to others maybe) become the most beautiful thing to the one naturally in love. The Eye of the Beholder thing, now can't this be with other things? I mean, no one can really say we all see the same colors, or hear people the same, or even look at people the same. It's all based off of personal opinion which is derived from our own realitys. Anyways, I've drifted off of my subject I think, but what I am saying is, can the world actually be COMPLETELY different from person A to person B? Like we literally see different things? I hope I didn't confuse myself haha, but this is something I've always thought of.

    Do people perceive the world the same as others.

    I hope that made sense haha
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    Dear BranMAn ,
    I think the answer is Yes and No .
    If you mean things are being viewed by different SUBJECTS , with some unique characteristics in some way (having different Genetic codes , for instance )the answer can be Yes .
    But if you take into consideration that these SUBJECTS have the same EPISTEMIC syatems then they are to have something in comon , don't they ?
    I shall be glad to know your inspiration in this regard .
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    Nice answer: I think that posing the question in a specific way will help others to view it clearer:
    How does Person A and Person B feel the world to be?

    This makes allowance for both your views on the topic: that the world is the same but is viewed differently by person A and person B.

    I like to think of it as when I look into a mirror, both my sister and I see the same reflection of ourselves, but before I looked into it, I felt different about how I looked. Cool stuff!
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    Of course! The Fish!
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    Not only is each subject influenced by a number of things that would make their opinions unique, but we also have the problem of never truly knowing the nature of anyone elses perceptions through their physical senses either. This will eventually lead you to the hard problem of consciousness.
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