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Different planes of existance

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    I thought this might be a fun post (as this is my first) I want to know what others think about the existance of alternate , parralel universes'. Don't flame me....this is supposed to be fun ;)
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    Hi, well I don't think so, nothing prove such a thing...
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    Thank for the quick reply. Yeah I know. But there are other people who might disagree with us though. lol. Do you think they might be able to prove such a thing in our lifetime?
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    By the way, my knowlage on this "subject" is sketchy at best. Has any serious research ever been done in this "field"?
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    Well, the existence of parallel realities kind of grows out of quantum mechanics, and specifically a philosophy of QM known as the Many Worlds Interpretation. MWI is a usefull way of looking at certain phenomina, but it is an interpretation, and should not be confused with a "theory". I happen to think that this interpretation or "view" contains a self-contradiction and is therefore not valid.

    As far as serious research, that is almost impossible with an interpretation. In fact, that's kind of the difference between an interpretation and a theory. A theory is something you can test, a veiw is not. Some modern physicists are trying to say that the creation of a quantum computer would prove the existence of parallel realities, but taking this as proof requires that one first accept certain assumptions that are by no means certain.
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