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Different Rates Of Corrosion

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    I am pondering over how the rate of corrosion in metals are effected. Does E(V) of the reactions play an important part in this?
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    There are different processes commonly called corrosion.

    One is chemical combination also called oxidation or in a faster mode burning.

    The other is electrolysis sometimes called electroplating.

    What you want to know is not clear.
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    There are a number of variables which affect corrosion rates, which is somewhat related to the electric current. Applied voltage is one variable, in addition to the inherent electrochemical potential between the cathodic and anodic metals.

    Anion or cation mobility (including dissolution/precipitation/diffusion rates) may be a controlling factor. There may be intermediate chemical states which affect corrosion rates.

    Electrolyte chemistry is yet another factor.
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