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Different views

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    why is electromagnetic radiation considered as wave motion according to the classical theory and as a stream of particles according to the quantum theory?
    these two views are so different, so which one is right?
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    Both are actually. It appears, simply put, that it sometimes 'behaves' as a particles and sometimes as waves.
    Take light for example, we know it consists of photons but Young's (interference) experiment clearly showed that it has a wave-nature as well.
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    A good way to understand this is probably to read up about the wave/partical duality. This should be applicable for all text books.

    Like TD said, radiation, behaves like waves and particles. Its a parradox that is very important in modern physics. Its not much help but its something tht needs to read about. I hope I have pointed you in the right direction.

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    There is no difference and it is not a matter of one being right. At that size, there is no clear distinction between "particles" and "waves"- even electrons can be thought of as either particles or waves depending on which is better for the particular problem.
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    hmm... i see~
    thanks! :)
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    very good! i get some new ideas
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