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Differential Eqs on GRE Math Subject Exam

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    Hi, does anyone know the extent to which differential equations are tested on the GRE Math Subject test? I basically looked at Princeton Review's review, and reminded myself of the following:

    -Basic DE's (immediate integration)
    -Solutions to f' = f, y'' + y = 0
    -Separable DE's
    -Homogeneous equations (the function is homogeneous)
    -Exact equations
    -Using integrating factor for non-exact equation (so I only know two types of integrating factors in this case, namely when (M_y - N_x)/N is a function of x alone and a similar case, where the DE is M*dx + N*dy = 0 and subscripts denote partial derivative wrt that variable)
    -First-Order Linear Eqs.
    -Higher-Order Linear Eqs. w/ Const. Coefficients

    I have not taken a formal course on differential equations and most of what I know came from looking at http://www.sosmath.com/diffeq/diffeq.html" [Broken] a long time ago (mostly first order stuff, and I've forgotten certain variants such as Bernoulli).

    Am I overlooking a certain type of equation? As much as I'd like to spend more time on DE's, I need to spend more time on algebra and multivariable calculus, so I want to have an idea of which equations are most likely to show up. Thanks.
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