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Homework Help: Differential equation for a electric circuit

  1. Mar 7, 2005 #1
    Code (Text):

                      ___      ___
                  |        |        |
                 ---      ---      ---
                  -       ---      ---
                  |        |        |

    So I've got an AC source at the left, 2 resistors (left one 2R, right one 3R) and two capacitors with capacitance C. I need to calculate the voltage over the right capacitor with use of a differential equation. I don't know where to start to write that equation. plz help
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    I think you need to use Kirchoff's laws:

    1. Sum of the currents into or away from any point is 0.
    2. Around any closed path, the sum of the instantaneous voltage drops in a specified direction is zero.
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