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Differential equation solution

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    can any one help me with matlab code for for solving a state homogeneous differential

    X=state vector

    Xdot(t)=AX(t)+BU(t) U is the control input

    i have the values of A and B ,i need the solution for X(t)
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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF;
    Probably - what have you tried?
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    you can search the m files on matworks, or use the differential equations simulink
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    A and B are invertibles so inv(A) and inv(B) exists, do the algebra of matrices to get X(t) in a side, but here d/dtX(t) exist, so you can solve the homogeneous system first by assuming that the control input is the zero vector, the general solution of elements are x_i(t)=Constant_i*exp(lamda_i*t), i=1,2,...N
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    you solve the characteristic equation which is exactly solvable up to 4th degree after you can refer to numerical methods to find the roots lamdas.
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