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Differential equation?

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    Differential equation??

    Let be F a functional of f(x) and J(x) and A(x) a function, then can we solve this?:

    [tex] A(x)\frac{\delta F[f]}{\delta f}+J(x)F[f]=0 [/tex]

    J and A are known functions and F[f] is an unknown functional satisfying the equation above.:confused: :confused:
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    does f have to depend on x?
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    and are you sure you don't mean F(x)? becaue then all you need to do is substitute in a series solution.
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    F is a functional (a function of function :tongue2: ) you introduce any function f(x) inside F and you get a number.. if F were a function i would know how to solve it....:redface:
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