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Differential equation

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    How to solve this diff eq?

    [tex]\ y'' + a[/tex][tex]\frac {y} {x} [/tex] [tex]\ +b[/tex][tex]\frac {y} {x^2} [/tex] [tex]\ = 0[/tex]
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    [tex]y(x)=\sum_{n=0}^\infty a_n x^n[/tex]
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    yes Frobenius series for fuchsian points....., but Malmstén found the solution in term of modified Bessel functions, it is quite better.
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    Then you need to transform such equation to look like the modified Bessel equation.
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    yes yes

    the transformations are in the Watson book

    the equation transform into a Bessel equation by using Malmstén transformations.
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    Then what is the question?
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    after asking how to solve that equation I found the solution.


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