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Differential equation

  1. Apr 14, 2005 #1
    diff. eq.


    solve the following promblem
    i let y = e^kx
    y'= ke^kx

    so i got this



    now i have to find (K)

    how should i solve for (k) from this equation k^3-3K2+31k-37=0
    can i use synthetic division if yes how should i use it or which other method can i use

    is this right

    i solve the k by synthetic division
    5 1 1 -17 -65
    5 30 65
    1 6 13 0

    so the factor is (k-5) (K^2+6k+13)
    then i use this equation

    and got k = -3 +- 2i

    and my fianl answer is

    sorry this is wrong info i type in
    please dont do this problem
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