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Differential Equations book

  1. Mar 19, 2004 #1
    Hello. Do any of you have any good books on DE? Because I was really disappointed with my Calculus book. It had plenty of typos and mistakes in the examples and solved problems.

    I am looking for a good book that I might be able to order on the internet or in a bookstore.
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    Get "Elementary Differential Equations" by Boyce and DiPrima. Boyce "is the man" according to my DE professor. She loves him...

    The book is very concise but doesn't skip material, it's a must have.
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    Dr Transport

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    I agree, Boyce and DiPrima is the book to have. I essentially learned Differential Equations from it years ago by methodically doing all the problems and retain much of that knowledge today.

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    Shaum's Outline has always been a loyal friend. I highly recommend Standard Deviant's Differential Equations. Its highly informative and entertaining. I got it on vhs at Border's Bookstore.

    I also recommend The Handbook Of Differential Equations by Zwellinger. This book contains every technique to solving diff eq known to man.
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    Yep, I already have Schaum's Outline. But I might need another book to cover partial differential equations (PDE's).
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    For PDE two books come to mind:

    Solutions to Partial Differential Equations, by Duffy

    Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers by Fairly

    Those books are absolutely lovely!

    The first book was written by an Naval Officer for cadets so the book is pretty straightforward.

    The second book is my first choice. The author walks through the math models the PDE are based on. It even has a crossword puzzle on PDE.

    Good Luck.
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    Ugh! Whenever DE books come up everyone brings up Boyce & Diprima. I think it's one of those books with all the information for people who already know the subject (so professors love it) but it's not 'user friendly' and the edition i had (back in 1982) had very few worked problems & no answers to the homework. I would start with the very fine intro at the top of this forum & then look at "Diff. Equations" by Reddick. Then tackle B & D.
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    Dr Transport

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    The Schaums outline: Fourier Analysis does a halfway decent job of PDE's and introduces special functions.

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    The author of the book with the PDE Crossword Puzzle is not Fairly: it is
    S.J.Farlow "PDE for Scientists & Engineers": Wiley
    isbn 0-471-89180-0
    (13 Across: "The equation utt = uxx is commonly called the ___ equation")
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    The 7th edition of "Elementary Differential Equations" by Boyce and DiPrima is an excellent book, each section has atleast several examples and good proofs and every answer (yes, including the evens) are included in the back of the book.
  12. Mar 27, 2004 #11
    I stand corrected. :smile: I was drawing from memory when the well was dry. I have an edition published by Dover.
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