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Differential Equations - Video Lectures

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    Hello Everyone,
    I am aware that there are couple other posts like this on Video Lectures. But I was wondering if anyone of you know where I can find video lectures for an introductory course in differential equations. If not, then non-video lecture notes following the book I am using (Differential Equations By Dennis G. Zill) will also suffice.

    I know about the MIT opencourseware and I have been following it.Are there any other ones? Please let me know. Thank you for your time. :smile:
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    Since you already have one good web source, may I recommend you read a standard book.

    Even MIT video lectures stink compared to a good book.

    I personally think that Gilbert Strangs MIT lectures on linear algebra are incredibly boring and tiresome and simple minded compared to any decent written treatment. I admit I have been able to sit through only a few minutes of his highly acclaimed lectures, but I could not stand any more.

    This reminds me of when I read Shane as second grader, and then saw the movie. the movie was pitiful compared to the mental images created while reading the book. Yeah, Jack Palance was creepy, and the little kid was moving at the end, but those fake Hollywood bar room brawls were nothing compared to the description of the martial arts skill of Shane in the book.

    In the book Shane dodged the bottle Chris threw at him in mid air, then reached over and yanked Chris out of his chair, slapped him across the face sharply, and set him back down. When Chris foolishly lunged at him, he reluctantly yanked his arm out straight and broke it, and set him down as gently as possible, with the concern of a superior elder combatant.

    And at the end, facing Wilson, Shane's movie line "He said you were a low down yankee liar", is just stupid compared to the coldly efficient "What you want and what you'll get are two different things - your killing days are over" from the book.

    Get the point? read the book.
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    I totally agree with you and but I do read the book. In fact what I have noticed is, when you first read the textbook and then once you listen to the teacher's lectures, you comprehend the material well. So I think of these extra notes/videos as a supplement rather than a replacement. Thanks though.
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    well ok, but what did you think of my analogy?
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    "What you want and what you'll get are two different things - your killing days are over"
    hahaha. your analogy is a good way to put it...you are right, the mental pictures are powerful.
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