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Homework Help: Differential equations

  1. Nov 17, 2006 #1
    How can I solve the two differential equations

    [tex]p(x)y''(x) + q(x)y'(x) + a \sin{y(x)} = 0 [/tex]


    [tex]ay''(x) + p(x)y(x) + b \cos{y(x)} = 0 [/tex]


    Are there any general method for solving an equation of the form

    [tex]p(x)y''(x) + q(x)y'(x) + r(x)y(x) + a \sin{y(x)} = 0[/tex]

    or the similar one with cos instead of sin?
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    Yes, many. All of them belongs in the topic of numerical analysis.
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    Yeah, but I've got a problem where I'm supposed to solve the first two analytically...
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